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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pre Laparoscopy : Bed Baths Guide

11:51 AM
Lama tak menulis di sini.
Tak ramai pun dah jenguk since url dah tukar.
Skrg kita citer pasal persediaan yg dibuat untuk menghadapi laparoskopi - laps (laparoscopy).
Kurang seminggu je lagi kan.
Takpe. So, now apa preparation yg saya buat. Selain persediaan mental dan fizikal lah kan.
Oleh kerana, mungkin selepas laps tu nati saya tak boleh mandi, kena lap lap ja, saya nak carik la wipes yg boleh lap kan tu instead of guna towel kecik kan.  Alahai, sehari je kot tak buleh mandi. Huhu.
Selain itu, saya juga google step2 utk bed bath ni.

Here we are (kredit to : 

Bed baths have been given for centuries to people who are sedentary, bedridden or difficult to move. Giving a bed bath involves washing the entire body one section at a time, then rinsing and drying thoroughly while the patient remains in the bed. It is important to gather all the supplies needed before you begin so you do not have to leave the patient unattended. When performing a bed bath, it is also necessary that the body is dried completely to prevent chafing, bacteria and bed sores. Thorough bed baths are essential to the hygiene of bedridden patients. Follow these steps to learn how to give a bed bath.
1- Fill a basin or washtub with warm water, approximately 115 degrees F (46 degrees C) or less. The water should be comfortable to the touch.
2 - Cover the patient with a light sheet and blanket.
3- Fold down the sheet and blanket, uncovering the patient's top half and remove the top portion of their clothing. Recover with the sheet and blanket.
4 - Using a mild soap and washcloth or sponge, gently wash the patient's face, ears and neck.
5 - Rinse the washcloth or sponge, wring it lightly and gently wipe off the soap. Re-rinse and wring as needed until all the soap has been removed.
6 - Dry the washed areas with a towel.
7 - Fold down the sheet and blanket on one side of the body only. Place a towel beneath the exposed arm.
8 - Wash the patient's shoulder, underarm, arm and hand. Rinse as before.
9 - Dry the washed areas thoroughly, especially the underarm, to prevent chafing and bacteria growth. Recover with the sheet and blanket to keep the patient warm.
10 - Fold the sheet exposing the other side, place the towel beneath the other arm and repeat, washing, rinsing and drying the other arm.
11 - Fold the sheet and blanket down to the waist and gently wash the chest, stomach and sides.
12 - Rinse the area, dry and re-cover the area to keep the patient warm.
13 - Fold the sheet and blanket up to the waist, exposing the legs and remove any clothing from the lower part of the body.
14 - Re-cover one side and place a towel beneath the leg on the other side.
15 - Wash, rinse and dry the leg and foot.
16 - Re-cover the washed leg and repeat the steps to wash, rinse and dry the other leg. Re-cover the lower half of the body.
17 - Empty the water from the basin and refill it with clean water.
18 - Ask the patient to roll on his/her side if they are able. You may have to assist them. Make sure they are not too close to the edge of the bed to prevent falls.
19 - Fold the sheet and blanket up, exposing the entire back side of the patient. Place the towel on the bed, along the patient's body.
20 - Wash the back of the patient's neck, back, buttocks and legs.
21 - Rinse off the soap and dry thoroughly.
22 - Put on disposable gloves and wash the genital area and anus. This part of the body should be washed every day.
23 - Rinse and dry thoroughly.
24 - Apply deodorant and lotions as needed and put on clean clothing or robe.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mei 2013 : Cycle Day

3:26 PM
Seperti biasa.
27hari je dia menjelma.
Displin sungguh dia.
Tapi. Mungkin bermula bulan depan, date nya akan lari. Mungkin lah.

Hari ni dah 3 Mei.
Lebih kurang 3 minggu je lagi.
Berdebar mmg ada. Tipu lah kalau takde kan.
Tapi takpe.
Berdoa agar dipermudahkan segalanya.
Dan belajar untuk lebih redha atas apa ditentukan.

diuji Allah sesuai dengan kemampuannya.



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