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Foods For Fertility

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Foods for Fertility: Vitamins for fertility

A healthy diet for fertility helps you conceive, bet you didn't think about this and always penned your hopes on sex. But fertility depends on food intake too. Certain vitamins and minerals are needed to sustain eggs and sperms, ovulation and hormones need vitamins to function properly. A healthy fertility diet can prevent miscarriages, a disparity in the ovulation cycle, and prepares the woman for pregnancy.

Vitamins for fertility 
- Vitamin A 
- Vitamin D 
- Vitamin E 
- Vitamin K2 
- B6 
- B12 
- Folic Acid 
- Iron 
- Zinc 
- Protein 
- Fats 
- Fibres

Foods for Fertility: Animal Proteins

It is advised to reduce animal protein but it is still important for fertility. It is also important to consume grass fed meat as it grazes naturally and is not injected with hormones and antibiotics. This meat is a good source for proteins, iron, B12 and Omega 3. Eggs too are rich in protein, B12 and vitamin D.

Common sources of protein to boost fertility are: 

Foods for Fertility: Vegetarian Proteins

Vegetarian proteins are very important and a healthy source of protein for fertility. Dark leafy vegetables supply iron, folic acid, B 12, antioxidants and vitamin E. Coloured veggies provide vitamin C and B6 and the best way to ensure you get vitamins from all veggies is to have a salad. These are important to have a healthy pregnancy. Fruits supply antioxidants and vitamin C which also boost fertility. Beans and lentils are good sources of iron and folate, and vitamins that are needed for a healthy pregnancy.

Nuts like almonds and seeds like sunflower, sesame, flax and pumpkin seeds provide Omega 3, protein, zinc and vitamin E.

Foods for Fertility: Whole grains

Thumb rule: Carbs that do not affect insulin are good for fertility. Whole grains also provide fibres that are important for digestion, but it is advisable to consume whole grains like bajra, jowar, ragi, kuttu and ramdana. These whole grains have various other benefits than wheat.

Foods for Fertility: Dairy products

Natural or raw milk that is not skimmed helps to boost your fertility. Dairy products provide necessary fats and calcium that is needed for pregnancy. These dairy products also maintain a healthy ovulation cycle. But consume in moderation to avoid unnecessary weight gain. 

Foods for Fertility: Folate and anti-oxidants

Folic acid aids the growth of the baby which helps prevent birth defects of the spine and the brain. Folic acid is important for the functioning for the brain and the nervous system even for an adult. Folate and antioxidants are sourced from cereals, beans, papaya, berries, green veggies, mushroom, corn, carrots, cauliflower, spinach and brinjal.

Folic acid aids the growth of the baby which helps prevent birth defects of the spine and the brain. Folic acid is important for the functioning for the brain and the nervous system even for an adult. Folate and antioxidants are sourced from cereals, beans, papaya, berries, green veggies, mushroom, corn, carrots, cauliflower, spinach and brinjal.

Foods for Fertility: Omega 3

Lack of Omega 3 may be linked to pre mature birth or low weight babies. Fish is the best source of Omega 3 but there are vegetarian sources of Omega 3 like flax seeds and walnuts. Omega 3 is responsible for regulating hormones and a healthy uterus is essential for improving fertility. Omega 3 also improves the blood supply to reproductive organs.

Foods for Fertility: Healthy Oils

Olive oil and coconut oil are healthy oils that improve fertility. These monounsaturated oils reduce inflammation and this helps in improving fertility. Fats are needed to produce hormones, which are essential for fertility. 

Foods for Fertility: Liver

Liver is a healthy source for different vitamins like Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Folic acid, B12, CoQ10. The thought of consuming animal liver may be repulsive for some, but liver is known to be a prized organ that caters to several bodily needs.

These foods for fertility can improve ovulation, hormones production and the health of the eggs and sperms. These foods for fertility also prepare a woman to have a healthy pregnancy.

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Tapi sekiranya ada history cyst, endo dsb nya kena dapatkan dulu advise doctor atau google dulu makanan yg kena avoid or includes. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Food Fight- Which Foods Can Help In The Infertility Battle?

12:59 PM
Of course, diet and exercise are the two mainstays of any health regimen, regardless of whether you're trying to have a baby or not. When dealing specifically with fertility, diet seems to have a special edge in the battle because it helps regulate hormones and improve a woman's egg health and production. But which foods specifically? It turns out that there are a wide variety of foods that can help women on their journey to conception.

In ancient times, hazelnuts were used often in fertility rites. They were considered so powerful and effective that besides eating them, many women could simply carry them around in their pockets or hang them up in a pouch in a corner of the house and the chances of pregnancy were believed to rise dramatically. Bringing that belief into the 21st century with a more practical approach; studies have shown that the oils in hazelnuts, found in monounsaturated fats (one of the ?good fats') helps to regulate high blood sugar and lower high insulin levels which can impede conception. Hazelnut oil used in aromatherapy treatments is also thought to be extremely effective.

Cucumber seeds are believed to promote conception but the downside is that actual flesh of the vegetable is thought to diminish sexual desire in men while at the same time increasing lust in women, yet another example of biology's sense of humor when you factor in the timing of men and women's sexual peak.

Norse mythology holds that apples were often given as gifts to the Gods to promote fertility. The ancient Celts would also keep apple blossoms in their bedrooms for their believed life giving properties. Apples are believed to increase blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation, perhaps helping to effectively relax the uterus so that conception can take place.

In Australia, a study involving the development of a pill to treat male infertility showed that in a trial of 60 couples who took the pill, which included garlic in its ingredients, 17 couples were successful in conceiving. Garlic has been proven useful in treatments for endometriosis and has been shown as a highly powerful anti-inflammatory agent and stimulant for both male and female reproductive organs. The sulphur compounds in garlic are thought to help the body's prostaglandins which are fatty acids that help in cell division.

The fact that oysters make the list should come as no surprise as they are famously known as aphrodisiacs, though whether they actually are is debatable. Their effectiveness in regards to conception is largely unquestioned mainly due to their high zinc content, vital in a woman's ability to produce healthy eggs They have been known to help in cases of male infertility as well because the zinc in oysters helps increase sperm count and sperm motility.

Just a half teaspoon of cinnamon a day has been proven to significantly reduce blood sugar levels and regulate cholesterol, according to a study in Pakistan back in 2003. It has also been used effectively in treating haemorrhaging of the womb. It is believed to increase sexual energy which certainly helps in the fertility battle. A cinnamon extract tablet called Cinnulin PF was administered in a study of women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome over 8 weeks. One group was given the pill while the second group was given a placebo tablet. The Cinnulin group showed a significant reduction in insulin resistance as well as regulating triglycerides, a common problem for women suffering from the fertility disorder.

According to the Aztecs, avocado was considered one of the ultimate fertility fruits. Because of its high Vitamin E content, avocados are largely used to treat infertility in men. It helps increase sperm mobility and keeps sperm from grouping together as they make their journey to the egg. Rock star Mick Jagger apparently used avocados in his fertility food diet when he wanted to add to his significant brood. Avocados are also high in ?good fats'.

Saving the best for last, probably the most popular item on the list of pro-fertility foods has to be ice-cream. Yes, you read that right. The good stuff, none of that low fat junk. In fact, low fat dairy of any kind, ice cream, yogurt, milk etc seems to have the opposite affect and has been shown to actually impair a woman's ability to conceive because it restricts ovulation. Stick to the natural regular fat brands. A fat soluble substance found in dairy is thought to be one of the reasons it improves fertility.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Laparoskopi : Semasa

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Dari hari ke hari nak update kat sini. Tp cam susah betul nak update.
So, hari tu last entry pasal persediaan.
Kita sambung pula semasa laparoskopi.

Semasa ni takde apa la sangat.
Sy sampai ke klinik dalam jam 8pagi. Ingat kot klinik belum buka. Jadi, kami tak naik atas dulu. Teman myDH breakfast while me mana buleh makan kan. Puasa katanya.
Dalam hati ni dup dap dup dap. Sambil tu update status kt FB. Mana yg tahu tu, semua mendoakan semua berjalan lancar. Terima kasih.

So, tepat 8.30 baru naik. Rupanya ada yg dah naik pun. Dah ada yg masuk OT pun.
Maka, dapatlah saya jadi 2nd patient. Sejurus kemudian datang patient ke3.
Dari Kuantan. Suaminya dgn ramah, bertegur sapa dgn kami.

Seteleh staff bertugas panggil and terangkan sket2, dia bawa kami ke wad.
Masa tu husband buleh duduk skali.
So, amik la beg semua bawa dan simpan dalam drawer yg ada kat wad tu.
Ada empat katil je pun. Bermakna mmg ada 4 patients la sehari.
Saya patient kedua. Hurmm... perasaan masa tu Allah saja yang tahu. Lepak2 je atas katil. Seram sejuk dah ni. Pastu dalam 9.30 salin baju operation tu.
Tak lama dengar derang hantar 1st patient. Panggil nama dia, tapi dia tak sedar. Perasaan masa ni lagi la berdebar giler.

Pastu dalam 9.45 nama dipanggil. Jalan sendiri je masuk OT. Takde wheel chair bagai. Naik la kau atas katil tu.
Takutnya. Tgk lampu2 byk tu kan. 
Doc bius tanya pernah operate ke tidak. Mana la pernah.
Pastu dia cari urat kat tangan utk masukkan bius. Dekat tangan kanan.
Alhamdulillah, tak sakit apa pun.
Pastu derang bagi corong oksigen. Bernafas sambil berselawat, mengucap semua. Dia tak bagi pejam mata. Tapi tak lama, dalam beberapa saat - kosong. Mmg tak sedar. Nak kata macam tidur pun tidak juga sbb kalo tidur kita ada mimpi bagai. Ni kosong.

MyDH kata dalam kul 11pg derang da angkat saya naik katil. MyDH tgk sekejap. Tp saya still tak sedar. Jadi, dia balik rumah dulu.

Saya sedar masa azan Zohor. Mmg klinik  ni dkt sgt dengan masjid. Dengar2 camtu ja la. Masih mamai. Dengar orang sebelah dok kata sakit...sakit. Dia patient keempat dan baru kuar dari OT. Eh. Dia sedar ke. Bius tak abis ke. Siannya. Pastu tertido balik.

Jam 4 lebih baru terjaga. Rasa cam dah oke. Gigih amik telefon. Update status. Tak lama, myDH datang. Oh. Syukur. Tapi masa tu tak boleh minum lagi. Dlm kul 5 tu baru derang bagi air masak. Dahaganya. Maklum la puasa dari kul 12 t.mlm. Minum. Pastu makan kurma sebijik dua. Baru rasa tenaga sket. Dalam ptg sket derang ada bagi milo panas and roti. Makan sekeping je. Tu pun tak abis. Doktor Hamid ada melawat dalam kul 6 lebih tu. Dia bagitau la serba sedikit pembedahan tu. 

MyDH teman smpai kul 7 ja. Pastu kena balik. Tinggallah kami bereempat. Malam tu nurse cuci perut sket. Entah la cuci cemna. Tp ada la napak kuar darah kut botol yg letak kat tempat di tebuk tu. Pastu nurse masukkan ubat tahan saket ikut bontot. Malam tu, Alhamdulillah, lena tidur.

Esuknya, pepagi nurse dah kejut. Suruh tukar baju. Basuh2 muka. Mmg ada rasa pening2. Mungkin kesan bius, atau kesan terbaring je kan. Nurse tukarkan plaster. Dia ada sembur ubat apa tah. Sejuk, pastu rasa cam sakit sket. Adeiii... pastu katanya plaster buleh buka dalam ari Ahad (4 hari lagi). Pastu tunggu myDH. Rupanya pagi lagi dia dah smpai. Dia ngan dua orang lagi asben patient yang lain (patient 1st n 3rd) duk sembang2 kat kedai mamak tu. Pastu dia settlekan bayaran. Kul 10 pagi baru derang boleh masuk. Lps makan tghari baru buleh keluar wad.

Derang bagi bubur nasik. Siap ada ayam segala. Mmg jenuh la ni kalo org tua tahu. Ayam. Hihi. Makan sket je. Pastu sesiap nak balik. Igt nak balik pakai kain batik je. Skali tgk kawan yg 1st patient tu siap pakai jubah dah. Eh. MyDH kata, pakai la baju elok sket. Mmg ada bawa dress pun. So, pakai dress. Seksanya rasa hai duk dlm keta dari Damansara ke Sentul tu.

Jadi, begitulah pengalaman laparoskopi di klinik Dr Hamid. Mmg Doc Hamid ada buat laparoskopi kat klinik dia. Kemudahan bagi yg tak menggunakan insurans. Harga depends apa yg kita buat. Cam aku kena maksima - RM6,500. Ada yg sebelah tu RM5,700 ja. Tengok la apa yg dibuang dan dicuci. Cam aku ni remove cyst, fibroid lagi. Betulkan rahim juga. Dia akan buat setiap hari Rabu. Dan 4 pesakit je lah dia buat rasanya setiap hari Rabu.

Lepas ni cerita pasal berpantang dan pemakanan selepas laparoskopi pula ya.

Gambar dari FB Doc Hamid. Begitulah keadaannya ketika pembedahan dilakukan. Aduiyai... seram kan...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Laparoskopi : Persediaan

10:17 AM
Bagaimana nak mulakan. Agak lama tak berblog. Baik di sini mahu pun di kebun sana.
Mahu berhibernate seketika. Bila dah bed rest, asik tgk blog orang, kadang2 rasa macam...urmm... tak mengapalah. Rehat seketika. Tp utk blog ni, kena update juga. Buat kenangan, dan juga mungkin rujukan utk kawan2 lain yg nak melalui prosedur yg sama.

So, dari date yg dpt utk buat operation, sy ada sebulan utk membuat pelbagai persediaan. Tempoh yg tak terlalu lama dan juga tak terlalu pendek kan. Just nice. Sempat saya ke Darussyifa (akan diceritakan kemudian), balik kg utk mengundi. Cuma tak sempat nak ke Bagan Lalang je makan ketam. Hihi.
Utk buat laps di klinik Dr Hamid, seminggu sebelum date operation kita kena bank-in kan RM300 dahulu sebagai deposit. If slps itu kita nak batalkan operation, deposit tu kira burnt. So, bila dah bayar tu kira cam "jadi"lah kan. Debarnya.

Seminggu sebelum saya siapkan semua2 kerja. Kena plak mmg time bz sgt kat ofis. Dgn urusan orang nak naik pangkat, kes tatatertib. Phew. Tp sy siap buat list work to be done (ala-ala serahan tugas),bagi pada boss, bagi pada anak buah. Tkpe, boss saya mmg byk membantu, itu saya tahu. Dan juga anak2 buah saya. Saya yakin dengan mereka.

Dgn doc Hamid juga dia ada bagi macam manual - do's n don't - before n after laps. Mmg bagus la. Semua ada diterangkan kat situ. Dalam tu juga ada ditulis kena beli Enema (utk buang air dan elakkan sembelit selepas operation). Dan bermula jam 12tgh mlm before operate kita kena berpuasa. Dengan Doc Hamid mmg dia tak benarkan minum pati haruan/gamat. Tapi kalau makan ikan haruan fresh buat sup, itu tak mengapa.

Saya beli enema yang ini. Rasanya ada pelbagai jenis. RM17 kalo tak silap. Mudah je guna dia. Minta bantuan suami lah. Hihi

Saya buat cara yg left-side position tu. Fuh... keberkesanan dia tak smpai 5 minit. Walau tak masuk abis pun cecair tu, tapi cepat btul kesan dia. Rasa sakit perut macam kita tersalah makan kalau pegi kenduri tu. Hihi. Memulas dan mmg rasa abis lah dikeluarkan segala. Buat ni selepas maghrib (mmg dlm manual dia suruh buat dalam jam 7-8pm). Tapi lps tu buleh makan lagi. Tp takpe..makan je kang, dia keluarkan lagi. In fact, smpai pagi pun ada rasa2 nak membuang.

Saya juga ada beli wet-wipes. Sbb nak carik bed-bath wipes tu macam takde je. Brand dettol. Dan saya rasa ini penting yer. Jgn lupa sediakan wet wipes ni sbb kita tak larat nak mandi, boleh guna wet-wipes nih. Pastu buleh juga bersihkan area2 luka tu.

Sebelum tu juga saya ada pergi kedai yang jual makanan Arab. Beli kurma, madu, pati delima Gulsan. Kurma pun penting juga. Makanan terakhir sebelum saya nak operate tu adalah kurma. Sbb kurma boleh bagi kita tenaga yg lama dan elak terlalu lapar. Pun, saya bawa juga 5 biji kurma sebagai bekalan masa nak operate tu. Mmg elok pun bawa kurma. Sbb sejurus lps sedar dari operation, mereka cuma bagi air suam. Perut kosong. Jadi, kita boleh makan sebijik kurma dulu.

Itulah antara persediaan saya sebelum operation. Sehari sebelum date operation, staff Doc Hamid akan call. Bagitau semuanya. Bagus juga kan. Saya mmg ambil cuti sehari sebelum operation. Saja, rehatkan diri kat rumah. 

Dan yang paling utama, 3 hari sebelum operation, mmg saya buat solat hajat, mohon agar semua dipermudahkan. Allah yang tahu apa terbaik utk kita. Jadi, mohonlah pada Dia kan.

Secara ringkas, begitu lah persediaan yang dibuat. Kalau ada apa2 nak tanya, boleh emel je


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