Friday, June 22, 2012

Timing Is Crucial!

1:00 PM

So, if I get a positive result on an ovulation test, when do we make love
Great question. The answer is: right away - and daily for the following three days if possible. (haha... tak pepenah aku buat maraton 3 days in a row neh.. tp kali ni, demi mu anak, akan ku cuba juga. And luckily it's on weekend. Hoho)

As noted above, a positive result says that the LH is flowing, and you will likely ovulate within the next twelve to thirty-six hours. Make love right away, the following day, and the day after that for insurance. This way, the sperm should be in the neighborhood to fertilize the egg in a timely fashion. As the egg does not hang around long, timing is crucial, and that is why OPKs will certain enhance the probability of pregnancy.

Sounds great! But are the tests accurate? And when do I begin testing? Let's begin with the latter question first. The day you begin to test depends on your cycle length. Your product insert will give you a "schedule" for a start date based on how long your menstrual cycle is. If your cycle is not regular (the length bounces around a bit), then error on the side of caution and select the longest cycle average. Today, ovulation tests are much cheaper than they were a few years back, so you can simply buy the clinical strips on the internet. They are FDA approved and do have a good record of accuracy.

As for accuracy, in clinical settings ovulation tests are over 99% accurate. That's good news, but it means that you have to follow instructions and all "optimization" suggestions. So, to begin with, do not use first morning urine - that's for pregnancy tests. With OPKs, you should do late afternoon or early evening testing as the LH is produced by your body in the morning and needs to move into your system. As with any kind of urine-based test, we recommend that you hold urine for several hours before the collection. And avoid drinking a lot of fluids right before you test. This two tips will make sure that dilution of the urine will not take place and that the amount of LH in the sample will be at its highest level possible.
(masa buat smlm mmg dalam 4 jam gak aku tak meng-urine. Hihi. Sbb aku ada tugasan. Dan bermakna aku tak minum jugak sepanjang masa tu. Cuma minum sket je masa makan lunch. So, mmg right timing lah time tu. Kadang tu, mmg memacam kebetulan kan. Apa yg penting sekarang, doa... jgn terlalu berharap dan jangan terlalu menyerah)

(Sumber : )

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's 2 Line!!

5:00 PM
Tajuk harus propa. 
Smlm da citer buat OPK test. On CD12. *smlm tertulis CD13, sebenarnya baru CD12. Choi..lupa plak*
Today CD13.
And it's double line!

*terus mata bersinar sinar dlm toilet tu*
Wah. Igt sng nak buat test dlm toilet ofis. Time orang amik wuduk la apa la.
Sudah la guna stick tu kan. Satu hal nak kena cari bekas plak. Haha.

So, apa perlu buat ni? Apa perlu buat ni?

(ahah! walo pun seofis uols, takkan ai nak tarik asben ai trus kut. Agak2 la... sabo yer. Harap ia blum 24jam!)

Dan kali ni aku tak mengong p buang stick tu.
Esuk try lagi buat test. Dan selebihnya simpan utk next month - kalo eksperimen ini tak menjadi lah. Hihi.
Untuk itu, doakan eksperimen kali ni berhasil ya.
Sbb tanda2 ovulate cam white-egg tu takde.
Tkpe, usaha tangga kejayaan. Haha.
Utk itu saya pun doakan 'kejayaan' kawan2 yg lain juga :)
Moga ada rezeki kita. Insyaallah.

Utk Eida Baharom, kat link sini ada byk lagi gmbr2 yg OPK strips. Bleh tgk mana yg sama ngan Eida nyer.

kredit : here

When to Have Sexual Intercourse After the OPK Turns Positive

This may sound like a surprise, but making love only after first getting a positive OPK may not get you pregnant at all. Ovulation can happen as early as 14 hours after the OPK first becomes positive. Let's say you test with the OPK at 8 a.m. and it was negative. Then, the OPK turns positive at 11 a.m, but you won't know because you only test once a day. So ovulation could then happen 14 hours later, at 1 a.m. the next day. But having sex after ovulation is not going to get you pregnant.
If you test once only every 24 hours you will only find out about the positiveOPK at 8 a.m. the next day, which may be too late for getting pregnant if you only have sex at that time.
Credit : Here
Sperm Life - How Long Do Sperm Live?
In general, sperm can live in the right environment for up to 5 days. The right environment would be inside the uterus and the cervix. In certain environments, such as the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes sperm have a life-span of up to five days. That's why a woman can get pregnant if they ovulate within 5days after intercourse.
Most sperm, however will die within 1-2 days after ejaculation, even inside the uterus. In other environments, such as the vagina, sperm live only a few hours and outside the human body, exposed to the open air, they will usually die within minutes. 
Credit : Here

Question: "Dear Pat. I just received my first positive on an LH test. What does this mean? Am I ovulating? And when and how often should we make love?"

Pat: Once you receive a positive result, you may consider yourself at peak fertility! Therefore, with a positive OPK, commence the 'baby dance'. In fact, you should make love the day of the first positive, as well as the following 3 days (to be on the safe side). A positive OPK typically suggests that you will ovulate soon. Sperm can survive in a woman's body for a number of days, so lovemaking should take place so the sperm can be present when the egg descends down the fallopian tube. In sum:

• If you receive a positive result on an OPK, you are at your highest fertility level.

• A positive ovulation test tells you that that ovulation will occur within the next 12-36 hours. Time to make love.
• Make love the day your get your positive result, and over the following 3 days. Yes, this is sex on demand, but that's why there is Pre-Seed!
 Consider BBT charting as a way to confirm ovulation through the body temperature increase that takes place following ovulation (due to the rise in progesterone).
 If your partner has sperm count issues, talk to your doctor about how to time intercourse and determine the right frequency for sex.
Hopefully, this short fertility tutorial will answer some questions and help you optimize use of our products. To learn more about ovulation, fertility and bbt charting, please visit our articles section. To read more about OPK procedure (correct use and interpretation), please visit our in-depth instructional pages.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ovulation Test

3:30 PM
Retu order mendalah ni dari MAD

Dpt la dah pun. Just nice smpai la kiranya kan. 
Walo pun seme pun tulisan cina. Yg ada tulis omputih hanya lah kat dpn tu.
Tp sama je cara penggunaan pun kan.

Ekceli aku tak nah guna yg stick ni.
Retu guna yg watson punya. Cam pregnancy test tu. Itu mahal lah. Baru pakai satu. Ada 2 (ke 3 tah).

Jadi hari ni CD 12. Aku terai la test. Hurmm...
No surge. 

Tp aku bleh ter buang lak stick tu. Arghh....
suppose wat camni lah.
credit : Here
Haihh... watcha..!

Tkpe, ada 10. Esuk kita terai lagi. Suppose dari CD10 dah buat, tp dapat pun baru hari ni. Mana lah tau, kut2 lewat plak kan.

Lps ni jgn terbuang yer. Igt....!

Q: How long after my LH surge will ovulation take place?
ovulation test FAQ Generally, ovulation will take place 12-48 hours after the LH surge is first detected (using afternoon urine samples), though 36 hours is considered to be the average length of time following the LH surge.
(sumber :

Kesian... bukan je UPT yg negative, buat OPK pun negative. Haha. Tapi... aku jarang sgt buat UPT sbb 'makcik' aku tu setia. Tepat je dia dtg melawat. Kuikuikui :D

*usaha bln ni : buat test ini je la kot. Lelain... takdak! Malas. Minum susu pun malas. Sbb mamil tu tak sedapp.. Nak kena abiskan gak baru beli balik Anmum Materna. uhukssss.. :(
*tgk kat Get Baby application - expected Girl la utk hari ni. Huhu

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cycle Day : June 2012

8:00 PM
Kredit : Here

CD1..... (againn...pfftt...pfttt..)
Last month tak jot down here. Lps tu terlupa bila CD1. Tu sbb kali ni kena tulis.
Actually, last 2 days before bebetul AF ni melawat, ada kuar brownies brownish [haha. sengaja tulis brownies sbb tingat blog Mar dulu. Ada orang google 'keluar brownies sebelum period'. Gitu la lebih kurang]. Mula lah nak perasan implementataion bleeding kan.
But then, aku check kat Get Baby apps kat hengpon, suppose CD1 is on 9th Jun, maka kena tggu. Toksah duk perasan sgt coz aku ni kan regular amat cycle nya.
So, if by 9th tu makcik tu tak melawat, boleh laju2 check.
Tapi...igt dia nak bagi peluang??... nan hado.. pepagi je dah laju je dia mai melawat. Haha.

Pepun.. bulan ni rasa nak usaha gigih semula lah.
Harap2 tidak menjadi hot hot chicken shit yer.



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