Friday, June 22, 2012

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Timing Is Crucial!

So, if I get a positive result on an ovulation test, when do we make love
Great question. The answer is: right away - and daily for the following three days if possible. (haha... tak pepenah aku buat maraton 3 days in a row neh.. tp kali ni, demi mu anak, akan ku cuba juga. And luckily it's on weekend. Hoho)

As noted above, a positive result says that the LH is flowing, and you will likely ovulate within the next twelve to thirty-six hours. Make love right away, the following day, and the day after that for insurance. This way, the sperm should be in the neighborhood to fertilize the egg in a timely fashion. As the egg does not hang around long, timing is crucial, and that is why OPKs will certain enhance the probability of pregnancy.

Sounds great! But are the tests accurate? And when do I begin testing? Let's begin with the latter question first. The day you begin to test depends on your cycle length. Your product insert will give you a "schedule" for a start date based on how long your menstrual cycle is. If your cycle is not regular (the length bounces around a bit), then error on the side of caution and select the longest cycle average. Today, ovulation tests are much cheaper than they were a few years back, so you can simply buy the clinical strips on the internet. They are FDA approved and do have a good record of accuracy.

As for accuracy, in clinical settings ovulation tests are over 99% accurate. That's good news, but it means that you have to follow instructions and all "optimization" suggestions. So, to begin with, do not use first morning urine - that's for pregnancy tests. With OPKs, you should do late afternoon or early evening testing as the LH is produced by your body in the morning and needs to move into your system. As with any kind of urine-based test, we recommend that you hold urine for several hours before the collection. And avoid drinking a lot of fluids right before you test. This two tips will make sure that dilution of the urine will not take place and that the amount of LH in the sample will be at its highest level possible.
(masa buat smlm mmg dalam 4 jam gak aku tak meng-urine. Hihi. Sbb aku ada tugasan. Dan bermakna aku tak minum jugak sepanjang masa tu. Cuma minum sket je masa makan lunch. So, mmg right timing lah time tu. Kadang tu, mmg memacam kebetulan kan. Apa yg penting sekarang, doa... jgn terlalu berharap dan jangan terlalu menyerah)

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