Friday, February 24, 2012

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Menstrual Cycle : Ovulation Phase

The third phase is the ovulation phase at midcycle, which in a 28-day cycle would be day 14. During ovulation a mature egg is released from one of the ovaries. Some women may have some slight discomfort during ovulation usually described as a twinge or cramp or 'mittelschmerz' (German for 'pain in the middle')in the lower abdomen or back. Many women have no sensation that they are ovulating. Once released the egg travels into the fallopian tube and it lives 12-24 hours in the fallopian tube after it has been released from the ovaries. If it's not fertilized by a sperm the egg disintegrates. Sperms can survive for up to five days inside a woman's reproductive system. The 4-5 days before, and the day of ovulation are a woman's "fertile period" - the time when if she makes love she can become pregnant. Because the lengths of menstrual cycles vary, many women ovulate earlier or later than day 14 of the cycle. Stress and other things can sometimes cause a cycle to be shorter or longer.
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Sign of ovulation :

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*Oke, skang bersedia untuk misi mencari telur. Haha. Udah rasa cam  nak amik telur ayam dalam reban lak.

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