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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ovulation Calendar

Just google about ovulation and try this calendar from

Saturday 18th February 2012 - First day of your cycle

Monday 27th February 2012 - Best chance of conceiving a girl

Tuesday 28th February 2012 - A little bit fertile, best chance of conceiving a girl

Wednesday 29th February 2012 - Fertile, best chance of conceiving a boy

Thursday 1st March 2012 - VERY fertile, best chance of conceiving a boy

Friday 2nd March 2012 - Time to ovulate

Monday 12th March 2012 - A home pregnancy test may work now.

Friday 16th March 2012 - End of cycle

Monday 19th March 2012 - No period? Maybe you're pregnant!

Saturday 24th November 2012 - If you are, this is your approximate due date


Kita merancang Allah menentukan.  Sentiasa berdoa moga kita beroleh rezeki terindah ini. Insyaallah.


pnsusu said...

moga dipermudahkan rezeki untuk kekda ya...amin

::EIDA:: said...