Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Enjoy The Practice!

Oh. Ingin berkongsi kongsi dengan rakan2 (yg mana lum tahu lah).
Ini ada web bes jugak. Yg ada citer2 pasal pregnancy, babies etc etc.

Byk artikel. Yg berkenaan dgn kita tentulah ini.

Amik sket petikannya :
Get your partner involved too!

Of course, how quickly you get pregnant isn't all down to you. Your partner has a very important role to play too! He should try to:

• Stop smoking and avoid any excessive intake of alcohol.

• Reduce too much of caffeine intake.

• Reduce his stress levels.

• Stay away from hazardous work environments: some chemicals can affect his sperm.

• Keep his testicles cool: make sure he's got some roomy, cotton underpants and ensure his trousers aren’t too tight.

• Encourage him to eat well: plenty of fruit and vegetables will provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C - essential for producing healthy sperm. Foods high in Zinc are good for virility so he should be eating foods such as seafood, meat, eggs, seeds and wholegrain. Lots of calcium rich dairy foods and iron rich red meat and pulses should also be on the menu.

Dan yang penting ini jugak....!

Stay relaxed and enjoy the practice!

The best advice for any couple trying for a baby is to relax and enjoy the practice! Mother Nature often doesn't want to feel rushed or pressurised.

It's a good idea to keep having a fun and loving sexual relationship all month – so you don't begin to only associate sex with making babies and pile the pressure on each other.

Moga kita mendapat manfaat darinya.

Salam Ramadhan kedua dari Kekda :)


::EIDA:: said...

Tq for sharing.. HEHE~

Ayien Azreen said...

setuju sangat.... ;)

eimma's said...

selamat berposa kekda :)



Welkam :))


hihi. kan?? kita mesti relax n enjod d practice. huhu


Samat berpose :)


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