Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Trying To Get Pregnant

Sebelum aku menulis lebih panjang, aku nak ucapkan tahniah utk shbt TTC kita - Mira yg telah pregnant. Suka nye bila tgk UPT test org naik 2 line. Bila lak aku nyer nak naik dabel line eh. Hihi. (UPT pun jarang buat, cena nak ada 2 line??)

How to make love when you are trying to get pregnant in 12 steps

Fertility and pregnancy should not be the only reason for making love. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the person you love without the underlying need for a baby.

  1. Take your time. There is no rush to get pregnant no matter how long you have been trying. If there is a rush put on the process, nerves will take over and the relationship can falter.
  2. Do not depend on fertility. Fertility and pregnancy should not be the only reason for making love. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the person you love without the underlying need for a baby. This keeps the bonds of love strong in a relationship.
  3. Stay spontaneous. Planning out love making is a part of making a baby, but that does not mean all sessions need to be on paper. Feeling hot one night? Even if you are not ovulating, making love needs to keep that fire and spontaneity.
  4. Spread out the sessions. Making love too often is not better than making love less often. This is especially true if the man in the relationship has a low sperm count. Frequent love making can also cause pain for both the male and female which makes sex no longer fun.
  5. Do it because you want to. If you find yourself making love because the calendar says it's time - you may want to step back and take a month off. Love making is a bonding experience and if either party is just doing it to procreate, the love bond is lost.
  6. Eliminate stress. Stress can wreak havoc on body processes including fertility. Relaxation can be the best thing that ever happened to your relationship and your fertility. And just think, adding in a massage to the love making affair will bring back some of that lust you may be losing trying to make a baby.
  7. Work up to it. Love making is not something that happens in a split second. The process of truly making love can take days. It starts with an exchanged look or a brush of the hand. A kiss on the cheek is followed by a hug and an embrace.
  8. The climax order. Have orgasms. As many as you want. Her orgasm may even help you get pregnant because the cervix dips into the vagina during climax and may pick up some more of the semen.
  9. Never use condoms. Condoms often contain a spermicide that will kill the sperm in semen. Dead sperm are not good for fertility.
  10.  Don't use artificial lubricated (except Preseed):  Lubrication is necessary in some cases, but many artificial lubricants except Preseed contain chemicals which could act as a spermicide and  it should not be used for love making if conception is the goal.
  11. Try deeper positions. There are several love making positions that will allow the penis to ejaculate closer to the cervix. The closer the semen, the less distance the sperm have to travel to reach the egg. The woman on top position is one with the deepest penetration.
  12. Time it just right. While it is important to keep things spontaneous, the timing of love making can make all the difference in fertility. Ovulation predictors can help to give the couple an idea of the best times for fertility. From there, planning a sexy, love making session is easy and can be fruitful.
Kredit : babymed


TiNie said...

thanks for sharing kak reen...

mahujadiibu said...

thanks sharing2...:) tula lama xbuat upt test...bila time event pelik2 pada cycle je yg kubuat..hihihi

FARA said...

sgt2 berguna...follow me back :)

Lady Mira said...

terima kasih kak reen. Semoga rezeki kak reen dan kawan2 lain akan sampai juga.

Ayien Azreen said...

sharing is caring~


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